Welcome to the Claremont School

Claremont School is a small, private elementary school dedicated to teaching students with dyslexia from Grades 2 – 8. Our program has an intensive Language and Math focus.

Claremont School is launching an Orton-Gillingham Early Elementary First Steps Program with small class sizes for all children SK – Gr 2 who want a strong head start to elementary school.

New applications: Limited availability in Grade 1 only. All other grades will be waitlisted. Click here to apply.

Registration is closed for all other grades for the academic year 2022–2023. You are welcome to join our waitlist.

COVID-19 Update

Claremont School will be closed to in-person learning from 7th April to 25th June, 2021.
School will be held online only during this time.

Claremont Virtual School

Our tailored curriculum for grades 1 – 8 is now available virtually to students Canada-wide and internationally. We provide intense remediation of language, writing and math skills for:


  • Students seeking reading support
  • Students seeking writing support
  • Students seeking math support
  • ESL or ELL Students

Claremont School Covid-19 information


These are some key highlights from our Claremont School Covid-19 policy guidelines:

  • Desk barriers
  • Social distancing in classes
  • Cohorted classes
  • Mask wearing inside and out of class
  • Signage
  • Designated break out spaces for each cohort
  • PPE stations
  • Enhanced cleaning of high touch surfaces
  • Enhanced cleaning of building
  • Temperature checks for all those that enter building
  • Covid screening questions for all those that enter building
  • Restrictions to building entry: staff, maintenance personnel, construction, students
  • HealthMap for students and teachers to track symptoms daily

For more information

Please be advised that along with  Twitter and  Facebook  accounts, Toronto Public Health also has an Instagram account. To get the latest updates on the status of COVID-19 in our city from a trusted source, we are encouraging schools that have social media accounts to please follow Toronto Public Health. You will get updates, guidance, educational tools, and more. Help inform our school communities on ways we can all stay safer and prevent the spread of COVID-19 by liking, sharing and retweeting Toronto Public Health messages on your school accounts.

Twitter: @TOPublicHealth

Facebook: @torontopublichealth

Instagram: @topublichealth

If you would like a personal tour of Claremont School, please call or email your request via the Contact Us page.
Tours take place on the first Wednesday of every month (except January) between 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Private schools for children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia can provide a ‘specific, well-defined mission’ to help ensure that students ‘gain the skills and self-confidence needed for academic success,’ says Evelyn Reiss, president of the Canadian Dyslexia Society and principal of the Claremont School in Toronto. Read the full article in the Globe and Mail.

Why Choose Us

  • The Claremont School understands the academic needs of the dyslexic student and uses a curriculum created specifically for this community of pupils.
  • Claremont School has a maximum 10/1 student teacher ratio. Our Mission is to empower students with dyslexia to become independent and successful learners.
  • Claremont School is AODA compliant.

Claremont Gallery

“Neil is a different boy from a year ago, not only because his reading is starting to come along, but because he is enjoying school and, once again, believes he can learn and succeed. Honestly, the Claremont School has been a god-send for Neil.”


—Gail Armstrong, Toronto, ON

Our mission is to teach students with dyslexia, so that they may fulfill their considerable potential and gain the skills and self-confidence needed for academic success.


—Evelyn Reiss

A warm and exceptional teacher, Evelyn provided a wonderful overview of the Orton-Gillingham approach in her Associate Level course. I consider it a privilege to have been her student.


—Avital (Tali) Kellerstein, Speech-Language Pathologist, Toronto, ON



Please Contact Us!

Claremont School

70 Silver Birch Avenue
Toronto, ON  M4E 3K9
Phone: 416-778-6336